ATELIER IMAGE A PARTIR DES EXPOSITIONS DE Christian LAPIE et Alexandre HOLLAN  » Monotypes, gravures « 


Pour enfants et adolescents à partir de 6 ans.
Initiation à des techniques de gravure, photo … par des artistes en résidence au Tournefou du 12 mai au 29 juillet 2018


Choisir une œuvre, la regarder en silence, exprimer en quelques mots sa résonance ; s’initier à la technique de la gravure :
de 10h à 16H30 / 20 à 30 enfants maximum/Pique-nique tiré du sac.
Sur réservation : Sophie Bouts : 0664228352
Du 12 mai au 29 juillet 2018 Entrée libre Ouverture : mercredi, samedi et dimanche de 15h à 18h. Domaine du Tournefou 4, rue du Tournefou 10190 Aix Villemaur Pâlis
Contact : Sophie-Marie Bouts /


From May to December 2016 the ‘ Image and Picture Workshop’ will be open.

Although this workshop is open to all, it has been particularly designed with schools, youth groups and children from the age of 6 in mind. It usually starts at 10 am and finishes

 at 4 pm. This day of discovery and initiation is a privileged moment to encounter works of art and artists in a beautiful harmonious setting, in the countryside at the Tournefou Domaine, with its 18th century champenois buildings.

Among the aims of this workshop:

The discovery of artistic language

 discovery of ones own talents

growth of self-confidence

opening up the world of art and culture to children and young people.

Welcome and introductory visit of the domain and ‘Artists’  Walk’.

Visit of the current exhibition, by an resident artist.

Choice of work of art, description, poetic expression, in a few words or phrases.

Every participant is invited to choose a work which appeals to him, to take his time to look at it in silence and then to write about what he sees and feels.

Picnic meal, relaxation and games.

Creation of ones own work – a poem, photograph, painting etc.

Presentation and general discussion of the creative work realised with other participants.

This workshop is held with the support of the Champagne-Ardenne region council and the community council of  the Pays d’Othe.


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